Citation/Crime Stats

Traffic Stop Data Collection

Listed below are monthly statistics related to traffic stops performed by the Graham Police Department. The statistics include: number of traffic stops during the month; number of verbal warnings issued; number of citations issued; number of OCGA 40-6-181 Speeding 11-20 mph over the established speed limit and OCGA 40-6-180 Too Fast for Conditions; number of male and female violators; number of violators who are caucasian, african-american, hispanic, asian or other. It is the policy of the Graham Police Department that fines levied from violations of OCGA 40-6-181 (11-20 mph over established speed limit) and 40-6-180 shall not be equal to or greater than 35% of the agency budget. It is the policy of the Graham Police Department to prohibit biased-based policing. 

Crime Statistics

The Graham Police Department submits crime data to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. Listed below is a monthly report of Part I and Part II Offenses for the public.